Bears are a race of upright ursines native to the continent of Oberheim in the northern regions of Velous. Bears are large, immensely strong, durable, and aggressive. They are notorious for their importance during the Deposition War, where they served The New World Order under the command of the radical dictator Boss Cass.  

Bears have been responsible for the deaths of millions of soldiers and citizens. They also harbor a very old and bitter hatred for the Sergals, a rivalry that goes back many centuries. Bears are widely considered to be one of the most formidable creatures found on Earth, alongside Orks

History and Physiology

Bears are massive creatures, the smallest ones being no less than 8 feet, and the largest ones reaching over 10 feet in height. They have incredible strength; a single enraged bear has the power to overturn a car with sheer charging force. A pack of armored bears is truly enough to kill any infantry or armor in their path. Bears are not outstandingly intelligent (making them perfect zealous and unquestioning followers of Boss Cass), and they are capable of rather limited intelligence compared to humans. However, many among their breed are brilliant; the Army Commander Herodus was one such bear, brilliant enough to command the entire fleet and military of the NWO, and also to devise tactics that would crush UNSC resistance for years. 

Bears come in several breeds:

Black Bears. These bears are not very common, and they are the smallest and least strong of all their kind. Still, a single one has the potential to kill any human easily. Both the Black and Brown bears vie for control of the fertile and temperate forests of Oberheim and will often war with each other for these lands.

Brown Bears (or Grizzlies). These bears are significantly larger and stronger than their black cousins. They are the most common bear, and they are among the most aggressive. A single Grizzly is more than a match for even a Spartan, the UNSC's most potent soldiers.

Polar Bears. These bears are massive creatures, dwarfing their brethren. They are far rarer than grizzlies, but much stronger and smarter. Polar bears typically are very high ranks, such as Pack Chiefs or War Chiefs. They wield only the deadliest weaponry, and command large numbers of bears or Holy Imperials. Polar bears live in packs in the icy northern regions of Oberheim.

Panda Bears. These bears are typically even larger and stronger than polar bears. Pandas are very unintelligent however, and are generally used only as war beasts to be unleashed upon foes. A single panda is almost unstoppable; indeed, there are no existing records of a panda ever being felled in combat. Pandas often live solitary lives in the tropical southern forests of Oberheim.