"All things change. All things die. Your Existence will die, and be reborn in chaos, forevermore!"
- Quote from Lord Baal

Baal, also known as Lord Baal, and Angra Mainyu, was an immensely powerful sorcerer spirit of the ancient and extra-existential force known as Chaos. Baal embodied sorcery, magic, and darkness. He, along with Mephisto , brought the forces of Chaos into Existence and began the Age of Chaos, a period of time where existence suffered from intense incursions of Chaos and little was able to stop it. He and Mephisto are two prominent lords of Chaos, each of them god-like beings with powers comparable to, or superior to, the Gods of existence.



Baal, like Mephisto, sees himself as a higher being than the mortals and Gods of Existence. However, Baal is a more conniving and subtle being than Mephisto. However, this does not mean that Baal is weak; Baal is an extremely powerful void-demon of Chaos. He and Mephisto have the power to cause apocalyptic disasters, the power to manipulate celestial bodies in space, the ability to cause unnatural "miracles" of global scale, and the ability to open portals to the Warp (which is not even possible for the Gods themselves). Baal was cunning, tactical, and cruel.