Ice planet

An ice moon overlooking a gas giant in a universe in Araboth.

Araboth is the name of the Existence (multiverse) that stands apart from Mundus (the multiverse where all the events of Blue Team have occured so far). It was the first multiverse created as a result of the brothers Anui and Sargeras separating the Order from the Chaos. it is the realm of the Old Gods, and the Burning Legion.

Araboth is said to be a mirror or alternate reality of Mundus. This means that when Anui and Sargeras crossed over into Mundus, certain things that happened in Araboth were destined to happen in Mundus as well. Araboth is home to the pantheon of ruler Nu'ada gods, which were recently defeated by their rebellious creations, ancient races that were collectively known as the Highbreed, and were hunted down by demons under the command of Sargeras. 

This has resulted in Araboth becoming a Fallen Universe, one where the elements of Y'shaarj have seized control. Converse to Mundus, in which the forces of Good are prevalent.

Known History

Contents and Universes

The universe cluster known as Araboth is home to several universes, much like Mundus. It contains an aethereal universe that houses the Old Gods. It contains a singluar realm that houses all the Ruinous Gods. There is also at least one universe that houses galaxies and such filled with mortal creatures, one of them being Io, the only known mortal realm in Araboth. Only one world has been visited by outlanders; the moon called Heraklon which orbits a large gas giant called Tanaria. This moon was visited by the Second Blue Team, after accidentally entering into a space-time rift created by Chaos' crossing over into Mundus. From there, they took part in the Heraklon War, a terrible conflict that plagued the world for quite some time.

Araboth is a realm that has no heroes like Mundus's Blue Team. It is a Fallen Universe; evil and violence regins supreme, and the universe is ruled my thousands of warring tyrants. This is now even more prevalent with the defeat of Chakravartin, the supreme god who held Araboth under an iron fist up until his death. Here, the forces of chaos are dominant over the Old Gods, and the beings of good. It is an existence that has fallen to evil and is in near ruin.