Anurel, also known as Alkosh, The Golden Dragon, and the Heir of Anui is the mighty and powerful Divine God of Order, Righteousness, Mercy, and Rulership. He is the chief deity of the Divines, the gods of rightness and justness. He is the firstborn child of the primordial beings Aetheria and Anui. He is sometimes depicted as a great golden dragon, although he is also said to take the form of a radiant, winged man.

Anurel's worship is widespread throughout all of Atmah, and all the planes of Existence. He was considered by Blue Team to be the only god in the universe, up until Mew informed them otherwise. Anurel, being the god of rightness, has many enemies among the villains of Existence, including Chaos, the Darks, Satan, the Burning Legion, Malefor, and many more.

History Edit


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