The symbol of the Andromeda Treaty.

The Andromeda Treaty is an extremely powerful and influential extra-galactic organization of technologically advanced alien races and their slaves, hailing from the Andromeda Galaxy approximately 2.5 million light years away from Earth. These alien races include the Turians, Krogan, Volus, and Vorcha, Quarians, Salarians, Elcor, and Yahg. The Treaty is so named because of  the location in which it was created, the Andromeda Galaxy. After a long war that took place between these races, the races agreed to work together for the betterment of their own peoples and for galactic control. After controlling their own home galaxy, The Treaty moved on into deep space beyond the Andromeda. They encountered the Milky Way Galaxy, and decided to attack it and harvest the energy of the stars located in this galaxy. Namely, that of the Sol Sector.

They attacked during the events of the War of Deceit. The Treaty met its end during the final battle of the war, the Siege of Palaven. It was here that the Palace of the Spectres was stormed, and the Spectres killed. The Andromeda Treaty was probably the most powerful alien civilization in history. They were powerful enough to push through a century of straight conflict against the forces of the dark gods, and still have the power to lay siege to entire planets for months afterwards. The Andromeda Treaty was not destroyed after the Siege of Palaven, their navy was merely crippled and leadership changed. However, they no longer pose a threat to the universe. 

Founding and HistoryEdit

The Andromeda Galaxy is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way in the universe. The two galaxies are also moving towards each other. The Andromeda harbors much life amongst its stars. About a thousand years ago, a war broke out between some of the spacefaring races. They were divided in two, the Alliance; consisting of Turians, Volus, Quarians, and Salarians. They fought against the Coup; consisting of Krogan, Vorcha, Elcor, and Yahg. The Alliance wanted galactic government and democracy, but the Coup wanted to overthrow this government and replace it with mob rule. The war ravaged the galaxy for half a century.

Both sides gained victories and suffered defeats, but it seemed no victor would exist for at least another century. In place of dragging the war on, the Turians hosted a peace council on their home planet of Palaven. The Alliance invited the Coup to make peace or risk more war. Facing either unity or another century of war, the Coup reluctantly chose peace. Peace was made on Palaven, and so the Andromeda Treaty rose to power in the galaxy. Soon appreciating their place in the Treaty, the former Coup agreed to help the former Alliance in their goal of controlling the entire galaxy.

For the next 950 years after the war's end, the Andromeda Treaty conquered its galaxy, establishing order, and assimilating other races into their galactic hierarchy. After many centuries of war and conquest, the Treaty finally united its galaxy into an oligarchy, where the entire galaxy was ruled by an elite few, known as the Council, consisting of the Turian Spectre, the Volus Chief Admiral, and the Krogan General-Warlord. The Treaty, in need of energy, began harvesting the energy from stars. This ethereal energy was used to power their fleets. The Council ordered the harvesting of all stars in the galaxy that were not associated with life-producing planets. However, 950 years of travel and war drains energy, and the Treaty feared the loss of all their energy within the next century.

Not long after unity was achieved in the Andromeda Galaxy, the current Volus Chief Admiral, Krebb , received a vision from the Old God Chakravartin . Chakravartin told Krebb of another source of stars, the nearby Milky Way. Krebb convinced Spectre Saren , and General Wrex to head there. Without much objection, the Treaty began their journey to the Milky Way. At maximum velocity, their ships passed through dark space for a few weeks. Finally, Krebb and Wrex both spotted the Milky Way Galaxy. When they informed Saren, he ordered them to destroy all life if it resisted their energy prospect. 

After landing on planet Earth in the Sol system, The Treaty's Scout squads were engaged by UNSC and Martian ships, because at the time, Earth was in the middle of their war against the Skeleton King 's Reapers during the War of Deceit . The Treaty took this as an outright attack, and immediately began engaging the forces of Earth. Blue team successfully held off the Treaty's shock troops, until the Team began their own attack against the Skeleton King's personal Reaper Carrier. From there, The Treaty fought Earthens and the Reapers for the next few hundred years. The battle of earth concluded with the UNSC being eradicated, Earth being taken over by The Skeleton King and his Reapers, and the Andromeda Treaty being driven away from Earth. However, the Treaty made up for this by harvesting Sol, which collapsed the star and caused the obliteration of the surfaces of all planets orbiting Sol, including Mars, but excluding Earth, which saved by Reaper planetary shields. However, the Reaper planet was still plunged into darkness, and was forced to create artificial lighting.



Notable Andromeda Treaty Officers/Members:

Council Spectre Saren Arterius

Council Warlord-General Wrex Barbadek

Council High Admiral Cai-bo Krebb

Colonel Garrus Vakarian

Captain Tali'zorah Nar Rayya

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