Aku, also known as Aku-Tusk, The Shape-Shifting Deceiver, the Bringer of the Mythic Dawn, and the Flaming God, is the god of Evil, Destruction, and Chaotic Change. He is the leader, as well as the most powerful of the Dark Gods. He is the brother of Anurel and also his archenemy. He is considered the master of evil as we know it, and is at least partially responsible for every single crisis to befall Existence. He has tried many times to enter Existence in his terrible true form, but he has so far been stopped many times by Blue Team and their allies.

Aku is worshipped by followers of evil all across the realms of Creation. He has had many infamous disciples which have aided in his quest to sow destruction and chaos across Existence. Aku is purely malevolent, he has abandoned every last aspect of righteousness and benevolence and taken on the aspects of darkness and evil which taint Creation. Since Aku was once a creator god like Anurel, he has the power to create and unmake worlds at his disposal, and commands many terrible powers too awful for words. His great power has tempted mortals and immortals alike to his servitude for aeons.

Aku is said to be a shape-shifting god. He has taken on many forms in legends, tales, and reality. There are three primary forms in which Aku has been known to appear. He will sometimes take on the form of a foul black dragon, a mockery of his brother and enemy, Anurel, who is represented as a majestic golden dragon. Another form that Aku will take is a samurai-like golem creature wielding a flaming sword. His final form is his true form, which was witnessed at the Battle of Mount Kilimanjaro during the Mythic Dawn Crisis. He appeared as a tall black mass of darkness with many curved horns, jutting teeth, piercing eyes, with eyebrows and a beard of fire.


Samurai jack vs aku by uzi91-d622es7

An ancient human painting depicting Aku, the Lord of Evil, battling a warrior, believed in legend to be an incarnation of Anurel.

Aku is the Nu'ada word for "Evil". However, Aku wasn't always evil. In an ancient time, long before Atmah and all its galaxies were even conceived, The gods were all benevolent, even Aku. He once had another name, but no one, not even his own brother, Anurel, remembers what that name was. They only know this being by the name of Aku now. 

Interaction with mortals

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